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Phuket Pearl - see once, remember forever!

The oldest pearl farm Phuket Pearl

Phuket Pearl, which opened its own farm on Koh Rang Island back in 1967, is today the largest pearl producer in Thailand. This family business is inherited, which consists of professional oyster breeding and the cultivation of natural pearls on island farms, including Rang Yai.

Jewelry Factory and Shop Amorn Phuket Pearl

The jewelry factory and jewelery store are divided into several bright halls, decorated according to the high status of Phuket Pearl. The designers of the company treat their work with awe and love, constantly being in search of new jewelry solutions and following fashionable world trends. All this distinguishes Amorn Phuket Pearl from other pearl stores, the time in which flies imperceptibly and is never forgotten!

What do you get when you book a Phuket Pearl tour?

Comfortable transfer in both directions

We pick you up from the hotel and bring it back to the designated place and at the appointed hour

Journey through the pearl farm

You will get acquainted with the latest technology of cultivation and harvesting of natural pearls

Excursion to the jewelry factory

The Russian-speaking guide will tell you about the process of producing unique ornaments

Visiting the exhibition hall

You will see the best samples of jewelry, including, crowns, made for beauty contests

Purchase of original jewerly

Many of them have no analogues in the whole world and will rightfully become the pearl of your jewelry collection

Pearls of Phuket Pearl: why is it so beautiful?

Cultured pearls are grown on the eastern side of the island of Phuket - in the Sapam Bay, near the shore. Here everything seems to be created for the gracious growth of natural pearls: a pleasant climate provides intensive growth of plankton, and abundant tides bring with them nutrients to saturate almost 100 000 oysters. As a result, there are three varieties of pearls that decorate the jewelry of Phuket Pearl.

Pearls «Akoya»

Ø 2-9 mm.
Ø 13 mm.
Ø 9-20 mm.
This oyster is called Vulgaris or Pinctada fucada: it gathers when its size reaches 5-10 cm. After the core is implanted into the clam mantle, the oyster is subjected to special control (to avoid transplant errors). The period of growth of pearls is from 8 months to 2 years.
This molluscum is called Pteria Penquin: the oyster continues to grow until it reaches a diameter of 13 cm. Then 1-2 kernels are implanted in its mantle, and 10-15 pearl mussels are fastened through a special hole in one row. The term of their growth on the farm reaches just over 1 year.
This oyster is called Pinctada Maxima: it can grow to 30 cm in diameter, which allows large kernels to be embedded in the shell. At the age of 2 years, gemstones are planted in it, differing in bright glitter and dense pearlescent layer. The period of growth of pearls is 2-3 years.

Crowned and refined: the author's art gallery

Shop Phuket Pearl is truly luxurious! The ornaments you will find here have repeatedly won in international competitions and have been awarded several prestigious awards. In the exhibition hall you will see several legendary pearl crowns, made for world beauty contests: for example, «Crown Miss Singapore 2012» and «Crown Miss Thailand 2014».

7 facts confirming the perfection of the ornaments of Phuket Pearl

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